Premium vs Value Transit

Superb Internet offers two distinctive levels of service: Premium Transit and Value Transit.

Premium Transit is included with all Superb Internet and SuperbHosting shared hosting services, and with the Superb Internet line of Dedicated Servers (unless client opts for Value CoLo service) and CoLocation. Value Transit is provided with the SuperbServers line of discount servers (unless client opts for a Premium SuperbServer that includes Premium Transit) and the Value CoLo service.

In brief, Value Transit is a high level of service, backed by an industry leading SLA, that matches or beats the service offered by any competitor. Premium Transit takes our high service level even further and provides prioritized service, data delivery, and support, in addition to greater protection and other features important to those conducting mission critical business online; Premium Transit offers an unbeatable level of service and support.

The following points illustrate some of the main advantages of Premium Transit:


Priority Support Response. All Premium Transit Client support queries are queued ahead of the Value Transit Clients as higher priority requests and thus will receive faster response to support requests. Value Transit client support requests are still responded to promptly as per our SLA; this is normally a difference of a few minutes, to a maximum of a few hours.


Direct NOC Access. Premium Transit Dedicated and CoLocatated Customers may, in case of an emergency, call the NOC(s) that their server(s) is (are) located in at any time of day or night, 24x7x365, in addition to being able to call or contact online via myCP® our 24x7x365 Customer Support Centre. Value Transit Clients1 are requested to channel all support requests through our 24x7x365 Customer Support Centre using myCP® online; the CSC will then escalate the issue to the NOC if so necessary.


Personalized Service. All Premium Transit customers have a dedicated Account Manager and a team of Systems Administrators & Engineers that will be working directly with the Client and will be aware of the Client's unique, individual set-up, needs, and preferences. Value Transit Clients are requested to channel all support requests through our 24x7x365 Customer Support Centre using myCP® online; the CSC will then escalate the issue to a Systems Administrator if so necessary.


Double the SLA Credits. Although our Service Level Agreement (SLA) offers the same industry-leading guarantees of no packet loss, low latency, 100% network uptime and prompt attention to any and all issues to all customers, Premium Transit Clients will receive double the SLA credits in the highly unlikely case that the SLA is not met.


Priority Bandwidth. All Premium Transit Clients' data packets (traffic) are marked as precedence 1 (priority) data, both upon entry and exit, and thus will be always prioritized ahead of Value Transit Client traffic. Think of this as flying first class vs. economy: Premium Transit data will enter faster and leave sooner, while Value Transit data will follow that and still get to the same destination with low latency and no packet loss, just without preferential or priority treatment.


More Routes over Premium Networks. Premium Transit clients will receive a higher preference in their outgoing BGP routes to use premium IP transit networks for transit (non-peer) routes. That is, premium IP transit networks will be used for more outoing routes for Premium Transit clients than for other customer routes.


Network-Wide Firewall Protection & DDoS Mitigation. Premium Transit Clients are behind multiple, redundant network-wide gigabit firewalls and are thus given a certain level of protection and DDoS (attack) mitigation2. All the Premium Transit Client traffic is monitored 24x7 and any mid to large scale suspicious and potentially dangerous incoming activities, such as abnormally small packets, port scanning and attempted hacking, are blocked at the network-wide firewall level - and thus will not reach nor potentially compromise the clients' server(s). Also, for example, if a Premium Transit client is attacked, the attack may be stopped at the firewall and will never reach the client, so the client will not need to pay for the attack traffic and will not be effected by it.


Additional Advanced Options. Premium Transit clients have access to additional high-end services, such as Advanced Load Balancing, Complex Clustering, and Customized Firewalls.

1 and all shared hosting clients.

2 the network-wide protection for Premium Transit Clients is not equivalent to having a customized dedicated or shared firewall set-up and offers limited, non-customized, broad protection only ; Premium Transit Clients with high security and performance needs are strongly suggested to set-up a dedicated or a shared firewall, which are further customizable and offer greater protection.