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We strive to maintain the industry's highest network performance and reliability standards,
as guaranteed by our Sales Level Agreement (SLA) and ongoing commitment to support.

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Network Status Monitoring

In case you have any issues or concerns about our core network or data centers, please check this page for complete information. And don't hesitate to call our customer care team at 1-888-354-6128.

First, the manually updated status reports will alert you to any notable network issues encountered within the last 24 hours. Following that, the automatically monitored status reports will give you the last five minutes' status reading from our Monitoring tools. To view the latest status of our core network and check for data center wide issues, visit: Core Network & Data Center Status

Network Traceroute

Incoming and outgoing route tests for DCA2, DCA3 and SEA2.

Perform a Traceroute »

Incoming Route Test

You can ping or trace to perform an incoming route test:

  • DCA2 (McLean, VA): (
  • DCA3 (Springfield, VA): (
  • SEA2 (Seattle, WA): (

Outgoing Route Test

Your IP is:

To perform a traceroute from the Superb Internet Corporation Data Center of your choice, enter the desired destination host.domain or IP address above.

Network Speed Test

Speed Test for DCA2, DCA3 and SEA2 data centers.

Perform a Speed Test »

The servers used for the following speed tests are actual standard configurations from our dedicated server line-up. The performance you see here is what you can expect from your own service with us. Please keep in mind that you can try to watch these online (if you have a broadband connection) to test. Also you can try to save the last two, to see the actual download speed.

Speed Test for DCA2 (McLean, VA)

Speed Test for DCA3 (Springfield, VA)

Speed Test for SEA2 (Seattle, WA)

Note: The last stream is 1.5+Mbps, so you will need a minimum of a 2Mbps dedicated high-speed fibre connection to view it online (it will saturate a T1, DSL or cable modem). Most users should probably save the last file instead of viewing it.

Tour Our Network

Take our Data Center Tour to get the full picture of our core network sites, our strategically located data centers - directly connected to all major global Tier 1 backbones - and you'll understand more clearly how we can be so confident in our superior network performance. Since 1996 we've promised our customers - you, our business partners - that we will always stay Ahead of the Rest®. Thanks to our network and our people, we have kept that promise.