Multi-User Hosting Server Status

We strive to maintain the highest server performance and reliability standards. In case of any issues with any multi-user hosting servers, please check this page for details and updates.

Please note that only public, multi-user (Unix & Windows virtual hosting) servers are listed here. Internal servers, client servers, and any other servers are not listed here. Dedicated and colo clients should go to their own unique server status and stats URL.

First, the manually updated status will give you any notable server issues encountered within the last 24 hours. Following that, the automatically monitored status will give you the last five minute status reading from our IP Monitor tool. In case you experience any issues that are noted here, either under our manual or automatic status, please check back on this page for further information and updates. All real automatically reported issues in excess of thirty minutes will be documented in the manual section, to inform you of the details.

Manually Updated Status:

Current date and time: Apr 18, 2024 - 10:45 GMT
There have been no events reported in the last 24 hours.
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Automatically Monitored Status:

Note: the monitor is continuous, real-time. This public display is updated once every five (5) minutes.

 Monitor Status - for Group: Network - DCA2 Core & Dist
   Name  Type  Last Status  Output  Last Change   Next Poll 

  PING     UP PING OK - Packet loss=0%, RTA=0.93 ms 591:11:06:10 1:49 sec